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Cry monochrome

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Artist: unravel [music box ver.]


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Song: Kaneki Janakya Dame Mitai

Artist: Tsukiyama Shuu

Album: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (parody)

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picking members of the T-Ghouls Network now, so expect a message in the next few hours or sometime tomorrow afternoon (i might get sidetracked and start watching anime lmao thats why).

The application will remain open for other members who want to join, you can still fill it out. But once I pick the applications from this week, I probably won’t get to yours in a little while since it won’t be top priority anymore. 

But feel free to fill it out! Do it because Suzuya Juuzou is love and life and heart and soul. 


Why is the snow white?
Because it forgot its color.

artist; 尤石馬 | illustration

What is one thousand minus seven?”

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Edit: Suzuya [ He will be avenged ]

I am afraid of “the dark”, but it’s not “the dark” surrounding me


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Should you read Tokyo Ghoul?


no, love yourself and don’t go on bookshop dates

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