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Gay Pool Noises


デビュー作からずっとすきです   た(過去形)

No. No. You just wait a FUCKING SECOND. What the fuck did you just call me? WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST CALL ME? I’ll have you know that I’m a yaoi fangirl and PROUD. You don’t INSULT me. And by the way, no. No, it’s not “gay.” Do you even KNOW where that came from? Japan. “GAY” CAME FROM JAPAN. THE PROPER TERM FOR “GAY” IS YAOI. Just because I’m eleven doesn’t mean that I can’t be a perv. I’m mature. I write yaoi fanfiction. I have many people who like my yaoi posts on and deviantART. I read yaoi every day. Yaoi is my life. I couldn’t live without yaoi. I would die without it. I know everything about yaoi sex. I read a fanfiction where the seme (that’s the dominant male in the relationship.) fingered the uke. (that’s the smaller guy.) He used four fingers. That’s to prepare him for sex. I’M NOT STUPID. I read my first doujinshi when I was ten. I’m NOT like other kids, SO STOP SAYING THAT I AM. I’m sick of it. I’m so fucking sick of all of it. I’ll have you know that I knew what a penis does when I was NINE FUCKING YEARS OLD. NINE. I WAS FUCKING NINE. I BET THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW WHAT A PENIS WAS WHEN YOU WERE NINE. I type with proper grammar, and you don’t. You aren’t better than me. You don’t even use the right word for yaoi. It’s not gay. Do your research. By the way, gay porn is disgusting. It’s nothing like yaoi and it’s unrealistic, and gross. The ukes are usually not even shorter than the seme. It’s disgusting. Fuck all of you. I’m eleven and I’m not “stupid” because I actually know about the origin of yaoi and you don’t. Fuck you. Fuck off.
The Special Operations Squad, commonly referred to as the Levi Unit.

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who even looks at the hetalia cast like “ah yes……….look at these……….straight ppl…………” 

implying gay has a look and you can tell just by looking, i thought you all didn’t like that association


ok fine. you’re not a hive mind. whop-de-do

my point still stands. you just said that basically, they “look” gay. they “act” gay. say what you want about the hive not existing, but i thought it was pretty common knowledge that you don’t just say someone’s gay by how they look. AT LEAST among this site’s users.

insinuating that if someone acts a certain way, then they’re by default a certain sexuality. that’s real nice


*sighs* just to put it out there

America said France was gay

Italy’s first love was a boy

Germany PROPOSED to Italy (there was an entire episode dedicated to these two and Valentine’s Day…iT LITERALLY WAS ABOUT ITALY BLINDLY FLIRTING WITH GERMANY AND GERMANY THINKING ITALY RETURNED HIS FEELINGS. SO HE TRIED SO HARD TO GET ITALY, THAT HE WENT AS FAR AS PROPOSING…with a ring in the shape of a fucking tomato. Italy loves tomatoes. Germany found Italy in a fucking tomato crate.)

Sweden is canonically gay for Finland


this is like saying Free! is extremely straight too…


 SNK ending card || edit || 


Our world is cruel yet beautiful ➳♥ Shingeki no Kyojin

In a world where bloodshed and loss are all that’s left, appreciate the small beauties given to us.


From tonight’s livestream. Actually shocked Levi. Sad kitty ;;

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