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I realized I loved The Creatures even more than I thought after they nearly get taken away from us forever.

Please never leave I need you guys because you saved me so many countless times when I could’ve easily ended it right there.

I hope that person is happy, because these guys are life savers to me and many others. You aren’t just allowed to take that away.

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I’ve always found this piece of animation extremely beautiful and emotional. Mikasa wasn’t born a BAMF, she was made a BAMF. Whenever people give her shit for being the way she is, I want to just show them these gifs. She lost her parents, twice. Eren is her only family now. Her one and only remaining family member.

Remember how mad she first got when Eren said he wanted to join the Scouting Legion? It wasn’t just because she was worried, no, it was because she knew that if he joined, she would have to join too. So, when he said that, he basically signed her death sentence. Because that’s what awaits outside the walls. And Eren never even realized any of it. Mikasa became bad ass because she had to protect Eren, and because of Eren’s habit of fucking things up for himself. Mikasa has always cleaned up his messes. She’s always been there in the background, making sure Eren’s okay. That’s why she seems emotionless and obsessive. That’s why she is the way she is. That’s also why she was able to become one of humanity’s strongest soldiers of all time. Not because she wanted to, but because she had to.

And oh, she’s 15 years old.

Don’t shit on Mikasa. Never shit on Mikasa.




wHaT iS iT eReN?

I should’ve made Eren more angry though, but I thought that I should show his handsome side heheheh

please ignore the black spots on Annie’s nose and Mikasa’s cheek ;A;

Unanimous reaction to Tsukiyama

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Part 2 (click for full resolution)  Art by  尤石馬 

Permission to reprint was granted by the artist. Do not use or reupload anywhere without permission. 

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 63 - That Butler, Training.

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